i had to do something
i was trying to save lives i stepped up

got bit. fever hit. world gone to shit. might as well quit.

welcome to your friendly neighborhood carol appreciation blog. my name is neeners and i am obsessed with all things the walking dead. i'm twenty-two. i occasionally make things. carol peletier is my queen and rick grimes is my king. daryl dixon is my prince. when i grow up i want to be Melissa mcbride. gif credit to the talented normansreedus. xo


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I shot my mom. She was out, hadn’t turned yet. I ended it.

Laurie Holden & Danai Gurira at Paleyfest 2013 Laurie talking about stuff and thangs.

make me choose between two things:
↳anonymous asked: the farm or the prison ?

the walking dead meme: scenes [2/30] - discovering Sophia

make me choose between two things
: ↳zuzzolek asked: Richonne or Lorick ?

No one can make it alone now. I never could.

Make Me Choose

anonymous asked: beth or carl?

make me choose: anonymous asked the walking dead or breaking bad

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