i had to do something
i was trying to save lives i stepped up

got bit. fever hit. world gone to shit. might as well quit.

welcome to your friendly neighborhood carol appreciation blog. my name is neeners and i am obsessed with all things the walking dead. i'm twenty-two. i occasionally make things. carol peletier is my queen and rick grimes is my king. daryl dixon is my prince. when i grow up i want to be Melissa mcbride. gif credit to the talented normansreedus. xo

SKLDHGSDLKHG.  I JUST READ A MAJOR SPOILER ABOUT NEXT WEEK.  if you don’t want to know, don’t look!

 ”CAROL IS ALIVE: Here’s Spoil the Dead’s description for how Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) finds his occasional flirtmate, Carol. “Daryl takes it upon himself to go searching for Carol in the prison. He encounters nothing but zombies on the way, and finds one with a knife in it’s head, still alive. It’s still alive because the one who stabbed it only stabbed it through the cheek and not the brain. Daryl realizes that it was Carol and that it means she no longer had a weapon with her. Desperate and believing she is dead, he falls to the ground, sitting on the floor. He then notices a door in front of him that someone was trying to open. Daryl takes it to mean a zombie was trying to get in but failed, but at the end of the episode he opens the door and there Carol lays on the ground, alive but almost powerless.” If this is true, hopefully Carol can recover quickly and start to help with the baby. Carol and Daryl could be her godparents!”